We're Experienced

We are committed to provide new innovative solutions to the mobile infrastructure in Myanmar. Based on our 150 year history, our company is today driven and supported by Scandinavian principles, with deep respect for local traditions and ways in Myanmar.

We're Passionate

Whether you are looking for tower management systems, adding complete new sites into your network or upgrading old existing ones, we have solutions ready to help and support you. Please contact our experts at any time, we trust you will find us a Responsible Business Partner.

We're professional

At Telcon in Myanmar and our various business units, we exercise due care to protect our values and reputation. No matter what business unit you meet, we always let the results speak for themselves. We have a natural respect for human and labor rights worldwide, and help to protect the environment through our activities.


Site Hunting

Whether you need us to run and manage a full turn-key-project, or simply need us to support you with traditional site acquisition, we always guarantee to serve you with the most intelligent solutions.
At Telcon we have specialized in rollout projects worldwide – optimizing your own time and effort needed to manage the projects. We have simplified the entire process from Site Acquisition to CW to Installation and Optimization of your network, with us you have got a single interface to sort all issues in a correctly and professional manner.

Lately we have added newest technology to our process and now flying drones through the site areas to document best possible access and power solution – not forgetting possible flood threats and checking panoramic RF situation as well as LOS while we are up there, making life easier for you.

We Find The Right Location

We all know it is critical when placing a new tower anywhere in the world. Ensuring it fits into existing network and making sure it will not get flooded once the rainy season starts, can sometimes be a real challenge. At Telcon we always strive to combine our many years of experience with solid local knowhow and traditions – this ensure the best possible solutions for every site.

So – challenge us – no matter whether you need a location for a new tower, or need to secure your next location for your business – we will find it for you!

We Take Care Of The Paperwork

Once your location has been chosen and acquired, we take care of all the necessary actions and documentation. We ensure that everything is ready for the kick-off on any site right till the moment the site goes on air.

One of our important focus areas is also to educate people who will be your new neighbor. This secure a smooth process when erecting towers or constructing new buildings, and you can concentrate and focus on progress.

All documentation, being ownership documents, design drawings, notestones or milestones will be stored in our database, accessible to you online anytime – we take care about all your paperwork in a professional manner.

Your Benefits

New Technology

We use new databases, apps, drones and drive test technologies in our daily work, to give us the edge needed to get the job done professionally and efficient. Not to forget, our power solutions are always green, using newest Fuel Cell technology.


We take pride in our work, we enjoy working and always do what is necessary to get the job done in timely and efficient manner – always securing a high customer satisfaction


We say what we do, and we always do what we say! A promise is a promise, and we always get the job done no matter what! Trust and honesty is ingredients to our success, otherwise we would not be here!


When working on any site, we always ensure health & safety regulations are followed. We take responsibility on not just the site itself but also care for the people who might be affected for a while by our work


We take pride in working together with other corporations. At Telcon we commit ourselves 100% and see ourselves as a partner, working with you in a close and long-term partnership.


It is quite simple – the world develops, we develop and new ways, requirements and methods are developed every day! We know that a job can turn on a dime, two jobs are never the same, flexibility is key to our success!.

One Team

Peder Hansen
Phone: +45 61 55 69 65 Mail: ph@telcon.dk  
  • International Site Acquisition 60%
  • Management 40%
Philip Htun
Project Manager
Phone:+4551437653 Mail: pht@kprtowers.com  
  • Site Acquisition 50%
  • Team Management 20%
  • Telsite Super User 30%
Nang Zuzan Htun
Office Manager
Phone: +95 99 74 02 59 86 Mail: zuzan@telcon.com.mm
  • Site Acquisition 80%
  • Team Management 10%
  • Telsite Super User 10%
Kaung Myat Soe
Office Engineer
  • Drawing 100%
Aye Mya Thida
Controlling and Reporting Officer
Phone: 09 96 96 58 110 Mail: thida@telcon.com.mm
  • Site Acquisition 20%
  • Controlling 30%
  • Telsite Super User 50%
Shwin Pyone
Head of HR & Office Admin
Phone: 00 00 00 00 Mail: smile@telcon.com.mm
  • Site Acquisition 20%
  • Controlling 60%
  • Team Support 20%
May Thu Zar Lin
Head of Site Acquisition
Phone: 09 97 68 30 433 Mail: may@telcon.com.mm
  • Site Acquisition 60%
  • Negotiating 20%
  • Handling documentation 20%
Kyaw Swar Lin
Desktop Study
Phone: 09 96 54 83 32 21 Mail: ksl@telcon.com.mm
  • Site aqusition report 80%
  • Team support 20%


256/266 Shine Condo, Room 11A, 11th. floor
Seik Kan Thar Street, Yangon, Myanmar